The Daily Dot

I received this, and was at first confused. After Tweeting about it, I realized it was a Klout perk. Hhhmm, a physical newspaper about the Web? I mean, I get mad when people offer to lend me a book and it's not in Kindle form, I can't imagine a newspaper about the web would do very well. 

They do have an online version, too. 


Tom Cruise-ish?

We met this guy (and his friend) at Belltown Pub. They were in town from Boston, or somewhere out east. This guy kind of looked like Tom Cruise, though in this picture, he doesn't. 

Also, it is funny that I am holding a beer, because I am not drinking right now. I think belonged to the person taking the photo. 



Terry is a man that lives in the Seattle Mental Health building, behind my apartment complex (man, we have so many problems with that Kasota building.) He can often be found in our alley, drinking beer and fighting with himself. Well, when walking to work - I spotted him in Pioneer Square!

I did take a video of him last year, to show my neighbor what he was currently doing. Basically, I think he was in his own version of Fight Club.



It was girls night out, but our guy friends at the bar offered us a round of tequila. I actually passed on it. Tuesday night and tequila just did not seem like a good plan. 


Sunday Funday

You have to watch out for Sunday. April and I were supposed to go sailing, but the weather was not cooperating, so we all got drunk instead. Then, we went back to Brandon and Laura's house where we all had a nap (Brandon, Laura, April and I) in the living room, while watching Clueless. Ah, family.

Oh, this pic is Laura and Tucker. 


And This is Why You're Fat

Brandon, Laura and I received free tickets for the Puyallup Fair, so we decided to check it out. I had not been to a huge state fair in over 15 years, so I had forgotten what type of people go to the fair. Yeah, it was interesting. But one of those most ridiculous things we came across was Deep Fried Butter. Well, we had to try it. 

Deep Fried Butter is exactly what you think it might be. Rolled balls of butter, rolled in batter and deep fried. The batter was sweet and they dough balls were topped with cinnamon, sugar and a glaze. I opened my dough ball and let the chunk of butter drop out, but it was actually pretty good. Though, I admit, after I felt gross. 


New Bed for Kitty?

April's cat, Nala, must know that I am allergic to her. Instead of cuddling up to me, she cuddled up in my bag. Go figure.


Green Thumb?

This year I decided to grow tomatoes. It kind of worked. Here are the two tomatos that are ripe. I have a few more forming, we'll see if they make it. 

Bonus pic:

I went to this horrible event tonight, that one might try to call a fashion show? The girls (April, Marissa, Laura and I) won tickets and we thought it would be fun... but... not so much. It was poorly organized (we arrived late and still had to wait, they didn't have 2 of us on their guest list, even though we were on it, no direction on where it was OK and where it wasn't OK to sit, etc.) Also, it was at iMusic, which is a venue that is... well, less than desirable. Here is a pic from the "Avante Guarde" portion, which really just meant, um, well, you decide for yourself. Though, I'm sure the local kiss ass bloggers will rave about this event. 


Blood Sucking Vampires

PayScale had a blood drive and I did my part by donating a pint. I drank a ton of water (you know I researched on the net what to do before) and it went by really fast. I felt fine, sat up too fast and got super light headed, very quickly. 



Eh, some days I end up on the 358 bus to work, which means I have to cross the street. It does give me a nice view but today I took this pic, who knows why. 


The Album Leaf

Heidi and Jose had tickets to see The Album Leaf at the Croc, but Jose couldn't make it so I went with Heidi. I was pleasantly surprised, having never listened to them before. Now they rotate in my Spotify list. 

Technically this show was on the 18th, but this pic was taken after midnight and I wanted to include it because it was awesome.


Game Day Ice!

Randall and Erin had people over for the Lions game, and they found this ridiculous beer at Grocery Outlet and had to buy it for the occasion. It tasted... sweet... to say the least.

And, yes, the Lions won!


7 Deadly Wing Challenge

April and Brandon are freaking champs. They ate 7 of the Wing Dome's deadly wings, in 7 minutes. Feleke and I tried to do it, too, but failed. 

This is what they had to eat, and the lettuce, too. 

We have a video, too, but April won't let me post it until she edits it. 


Safeco Detour

This is what happens when you either hop on the wrong bus or get so engrossed in your Kindle that you miss your stop (not sure what happened.) Either way, I ended up walking a few extra blocks on a nice day. 


Where's Detroit?

When passing this truck on the way to work, I was concerned as to why they do not put Detroit as the place for the walk in Detroit, and instead put Michigan (they did the same for Arizona.) Most other places have the city listed. I suppose the walk is probably in Detroit Metro, but still, it would have been nice to see the D represented well. 



I was walking to lunch, and loved the look of the clouds over the King Street Station tower. 


Yesler Bench

The bus was a few minutes behind today, so I decided to walk to the next stop, Yesler, and catch the 99. I just liked the lines of this bench. 


Pizza... on the Eastside?

Laura works for Zeek's Pizza and she invited me to the opening of the new store in Redmond. We had to venture over to the Eastside, yikes, but well worth it for free pizza! 


Warrior Dash!

The Warrior Dash is a time obstacle course. It's pretty ridiculous and, as you can see, we got a bit dirty. 

Brandon and Gus after the dash (also, they both placed really high...)

My ghetto version of the finishing picture...

And Laura and me after...  


Doing Our Part to Keep Portland Weird

Every now and them, you look at posted pictures and find a hidden gem. Yep, that's what happened here.


Excited About PBR?

Gus and I (Laura and Brandon are not pictured) are very excited about our cheap beer in Portland. We are at Santeria, which is attached to Mary's, Portland's oldest strip club. It is even rumoured that Courtney Love used to "dance" there. It was an interesting night and the door woman even offered us to come to her house for some non-alcoholic drinks, like Kool-Aid. Yes, this is all true.

And a bonus pic of Brandon and Laura...

For more Mary's fun, here is a video from last November where I (um, not soberly...) describe my visit to Mary's.

Side note, on a totally different topic - today is my little sister's 28th bday. Happy Birthday, Ash!



I took the #11 bus from work to downtown, where I had to run some errands. It stops right by the new PotBelly's and I had a sudden craving for a pickle - and so, I got one!


Pitiful Payphone

On my way to work this morning, running late of course, I noticed this sad payphone. Looks like maybe someone was mad at their conversation partner and slammed the phone down, hard. 

But the real question is, when is the last time you have used a payphone?


Check In.. Where?

While Chris &  prance through Paris, I am using my green thumb to make sure their plants are healthy and happy. While on their balcony, I took yet another picture of this iconic sign.


We Heart Bacon

So, we fashioned a grill out of supplies found at a random hardware store and cooked up a ton of bacon. It actually tasted amazing - and the ground did not catch on fire. 


Big Hats!

April and I found $10 hats at a random corner store (that also had amazing chicharones, randomly.) These hats saved us in the 93 degree desert sun. Yes, we have a desert in Washington.


First Trip to The Gorge

 At the Gorge for DMB Caravan weekend. It was hot and sunny, and absolutely breathtaking.


Random Bikes

I'm not sure what this was about, but some random bike riders were gathering on 2nd Ave, listening to an old school boom box, and then rode off into the night.

I also took a video...