My 30th Birthday Dinner

Paella at Pintxo. Can't go wrong with that. 


City Skyline

Walking to work, crossing 4th Ave and I get a nice view of the skyline from the south. And apparently, this was my picture today. 


Scum of the Earth

April and Chris went with me to my co-workers play, OK.luv, in the U District. Before the show we walked to a bar down the street for a shot and a beer. On the way, we found this Scum of the Earth sign. April and Chris did not approve.


Seattle Quilt Mfg. Co.

Sometimes I use the 1st and Jackson bus stop on my way home from work. Today the sun was hitting the Seattle Quilt building just right, where it looked like it was glowing.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The Hi-Life in Ballard has a Sunday family style fried chicken dinner every week. A big group of us went to check it out and it was pretty good. We all left so stuffed, with left-overs. Also, I don't eat fried chicken skin, so my dining partners seemed to get pretty excited by that.


Oyster Shooters

My friend Chris and I went to Elliott's for oysters before his show and loaded up on oysters. Delicious.


Seattle Sky

Space Needle sky. I know you have seen this view a million times before, but the sky is so pretty. I shot this right before heading to Ballard to meet G.