How Did I End Up Here?

So, I know this is a daily picture blog. But every now and then, a day comes along that has too many good pictures. Today is one of those days.

The sleeping arrangements.

The avocado farm and guest house/studio. 

Oceanside, CA's beach.

For old time's sake.

This was one of the strangest, and most fun days, I've had in a long while. Thank you J for opening your home to us and for your hospitality. 


The Journey Begins

I'm taking a trip, to San Diego, with the guys from Richie Aldente! Randomness and hilarity will ensue. They are opening for Bushwalla at the Belly Up in Solana Beach on the 31st.

I promise, the pics to come will amuse.


Why So Many Brooms???

This is the alley behind my apartment... I am curious, why are there so many brooms?

Also, a fun bonus picture of my friends being silly...


7 Wings

A few of us ventured across the bridge to the West Seattle Wing Dome to try some wings at the Google Seattle event. Here's Brandon before he eats one wing of each spice level, 1-7. 


Little Red Ryan

I was riding the 358 to work, looked to my right and there was Ryan, riding his bike to work!


Meanwhile, backstage...

Just before Richie Aldente went on stage at Neumos... April and Ian, I mean Dick Johnson, posing for a picture with his ridiculously awesome helmet.



Durito Sanchez, a la Richie Aldente fame, was needing a new look so I took a pic of these fabrics and sent it to him. He liked the silver disco fabric.



So, I'm not really sure why I took this picture of an alley in Belltown. But, apparently, on my walk home from seeing the boys at Amore Jazz Jam, I decided this would make a good shot.


Bacco Breakfast

It's a good thing I take food shots because I forgot to take pics of anything else today... This is breakfast from Bacco, a restaurant at the market that I've never been to before. Laura and Colin accompanied me.


Elliott Bay at Night

Tonight was all about rooftop hanging and grilling at Heidi and Jose's rooftop deck... Then of course it led to Edgewater and Pintxo.


BTF Beach Blanket Bingo Pubcrawl

I love that all of us actually dress up for the pub crawls. This one was summer/beach themed and everyone dressed the part. It was one of the more ridiculous pub crawls.


Evil Seagull

There was a little benefit at work today on the patio. Hot dogs were being grilled and this evil seagull didn't even care about the heat.

Check out the bonus video:


Dinner, Family Style

April had an impromptu dinner party. Mr. F and I picked up meat from 360, and April curated the rest of our meal. Delicious, as always.


Concrete Soul

Well, this was an accidental picture, taken by my bus stop on the way home from work in Pioneer Square.


Saturday Night

It's April, myself and Laura! 

This picture is technically on the 14th, since it was taken after midnight. This was the beginning of the night, it was a very late night, ending in the ID. 


Disappearing Seattle

Walking to pick up some lunch today, I noticed that the City seemed to have disappeared.



Phone Home

There is a working phone booth at my afternoon bus stop. I'm hoping one day I'll actually catch a photo of someone on it.


Love Note

I love coming home to crazy notes from my apartment manager.

Here is the context... 

In case you are wondering, here is the note:



Somewhere in Middle America

Flying home. To Seattle. From Detroit.

Whoa, just realized, I said flying home and home was Seattle. That means Detroit isn't home? Wow.

Also, bonus pic... Piper & Shea.



Shea loves to lay on the couch and get a belly scratch. That's what she was waiting for here.



Carol lives in the house behind  my mom's house. On her day off, we relaxed at the pool and she made my toes fancy! 

Also, this shot was taken with the retro setting, that's why it looks a bit weird.


Detroit Sky

I took so many great photos today, it's hard to choose just one. I did love this one, however. It's a random pic of the sky, from Downtown Detroit.

And a bonus pic today, the Kite Waterfall from the Compuware Building.

Some random fact from Wikipedia:

The building's water feature was designed by WET Design, the same people who designed the fountains at Bellagio and the Winter Olympic cauldron. It features fifteen glass "kites" and, at more than 14 stories tall, represents the largest indoor, hanging water feature in the world.



I went to my dad's house today and he showed me his new toy... He bought a three wheel bike to ride to the store, or ride around, or whatever. He was really into it, for sure. Also, he put a motor on it so he can have some extra power when going up hills.

So, yeah, if you see a guy riding this bike in the Novi area... yeah, that's my papa.


Roosevelt's Closed?

Roosevelt's was like the quintessential Farmington Hills bar. It's where you run into everyone from high school, from classes ten years in front and behind you. It's where you meet your friends for a night cap before heading to your parents house, during college summer breaks. It's where you'd watch games, play pool, and hope the doorman wasn't checking your ID when you were not quite of age.

Well, apparently, Roosevelt's is closed until further notice.


Barrio in Birmingham Tasting

I was invited by The Hungry Dudes to taste some foods at Barrio, a new restaurant in Birmingham.

I took a ton of pics, but this was my fav of the day. It's Hacienda (another place here in Detroit) chips with Verde and Mango Salsa. Delicious.

Also, bonus pic - check out their tequila list!