Best Late Night Snack Ever

At the Belltown Pub, a happy hour snack is french fries and ice cream sundae. So delicious, so dangerous... but only $5.


Belltown, What?!?

4 years living here, and I don't have a pic of me under this sign. Shame. Well, Feleke changed that for me, but I'm waiting on him sending it to me.


On Ramp

Today was a day filled with many pictures, including some questionable pics from the M's game. But as I was scanning through pics from the day, I found this picture of the Columbia Street on ramp used to enter the Alaskan Way Viaduct.


Space Needle... again.

Summer is almost here, but the temps are not catching up. The days are longer and the sunsets even more beautiful.


Blue Light Special

I can't stand the Svedka Vodka commercials, but they must work because I do remember their name. I haven't ordered one yet though. Reps were in the Pub apparently giving away blue lighted ice cubes, and Lisa from BTP wanted to make my beer blue.


Nothing says I'm loaded, like a chandelier

This picture reminds me of the SNL Chandelier sketch. It's from the Red Velvet Lounge at the Rendezvous.

And for the sketch: SNL Chandelier

Rain Clouds!

I was on my roof to check out the electrical set up and looked up to see this wonderful rain cloud. Moments later, light misty rain started falling from the sky.


Filming of Safety Not Guaranteed in Belltown

I love that the movie studios are using Belltown as their location for a scene in the upcoming movie, "Safety Not Guaranteed". I was walking down Blanchard as they were filming the bus bench scene. I think they added the bench and definitely added the stop, as this is NOT a bus stop and it's a one way road going the wrong way for a bus stop.

You can spot Aubrey Plaza (April Ludgate from Parks & Recreation) on the bench. The movie also stars Kristen Bell and Jake M. Johnson. According to a PA on set, it should be out next year.



April was doing her banking at Bank of America, while I was sitting in the lobby area. I look over, and see this chick in line. Furry hat, furry vest...


Belltown Happy Hours!

Belltown's first of many neighborhood ads in The Stranger, showing that Belltown is great neighborhood!


Tomato with a Side of Tomato!

When you tell Malcolm at Pintxo that you love tomatoes, then ask him to make you up a dish... Well, you might get tomato with a side of tomato.

But guess what, add a little salt, oil and garlic and it is scrumptious.


A Perfect Pacific Northwest Day

Chris's friend Mick was in town, and we played tourists today! I took a TON of pictures today, but this one was one of my favs. Mount Rainier, the Ferry, Elliott Bay... so Northwest.

I know this is a pic of the day blog, but I liked this pic of the Gum Wall, too.



I saw this guy walking down 3rd Ave, Downtown. No shirt and a cowboy hat? Really?


April & Shaggy!

I literally ran into April on the street, which I know, I know... not that surprising. Anyway, she had Shaggy in her bag (she puppy sits for him.)



I forgot to take a pic today, realized it was almost midnight... and this is what you get. Lame.


Orcas off the San Juan Islands

This Wyland mural is just outside of Belltown, on 8th Avenue at Blanchard. It's 30 feet wide x 50 feet tall.

I took this pic with retro cam, but love how the colors turned out, including the sky.


Lake Washington

Granted, the rain creates havoc for my hair but I love the fog it creates. This is Lake Washington, looking east (you can see a bit of Bellevue.)


More Power!

I was on campus at Microsoft today and when I was done with my meeting, I called Will to see what was up. Well, in true nerd fashion, he was "repairing" a Nerf gun. When I asked him what was wrong with it, he responded, "I'm actually not fixing it, I'm making it more powerful."

Yeah. Nerd.


Wine and Dick's

Jim came into town to visit, and apparently, he loves Dick's! After boozing it up in Ballard, we stopped at the QA Dicks for burgers and fries. When came back to Mark's... and well, what goes better with Dick's than red wine??


Cruise Ship!

Now, if only I could find a way to walk those few blocks and smuggle myself on to the boat... I need a vacation!


Space Age Radar Boat in Elliott Bay

I was hanging out on my roof, as it was a nice evening, when all of a sudden this weird boat showed up.

It's super hard to see, but there was a giant Radar Ship cruising into Elliott Bay. Apparently, it is being repaired at Harbor Island.


Fresh Clams and Shrimp

April went on a weekend adventure and came back to Belltown with fresh clams and shrimp, which she then prepared for me. They were yummy!


Bacon Wrapped Dates Challenge at Pintxo!

For their 1st Anniversary, Pintxo held a Bacon Wrapped Date eating contest.

This is the first round of 20 Bacon Wrapped Dates for the contestants. They had to eat 50 in 30 minutes. Brandon was the only contestant that was able to finish the challenge and he even ate the first 20 in 2 minutes. Insane.


Kentucky Derby!

OK, so I cheated a bit. It's not a Mint Julep, it's the Cock 'n Bull Mule, and it's delicious! Belltown Pub knows how to make a mean Mule!


Boat Street!

I swear, some days I have 100 great pics to choose from and other days I have one picture of food. This is the halibut special with beets, pecans, artichoke and olive oil. So delicious. Boat Street is pretty cute, too, but they don't take AmEx, much to my dining partner's dismay ;)


Stylus Yelp Private Event

Stylus hosted a private event for Yelp Elite. Guests were able to receive a treatment upstairs at the salon and downstairs at the spa (most people are prob downstairs when this pic was taken.)



Another pic of the McGuire building, this time a little more demolished. It is pretty loud around there, I bet the nearby buildings are not happy about it.


And yet another food pic...

This is a dish from Belltown Pub that is an off menu dish, Dave creation. Essentially, mac & cheese, pico de gallo and grilled chicken. Hits the spot so well! Hopefully we'll see a variation of it on the menu.


Sunny Day

I love it here so much, and this is a beautiful Belltown view from a friend's balcony.