Riding the Bus

So, I would have chosen another pic, had I taken one. I was riding the bus to Pioneer Square and these two women hopped on board. I've seen them a few other times on the bus, and actually they are kind of cute. Two women, one is blind, the other needs assistance, too, but yet I always see them together. And yes, they are kind of odd, wearing goggles and carrying stuffed animals and what not.



My friend Ed introduced me to Chili's in the U District awhile ago. April and I were up in the area last night for the TechCafe/Cocollage meet up, and decided to hit up Chili's before we took the bus back to Belltown. We make excellent decisions.


How Many Crackheads...

Oh Bedlam Coffee, you make me smile.

Apparently, this sign was inspired by the owner watching an industrious crackhead create a crackpipe out of a light bulb.



April and I were hanging at Bedlam. I was working on client stuff, she on Doodles. Yep, it's an original doodle, all about me. You're jealous. But you can go to her site and maybe she'll make a personal doodle for you. www.aprildoodles.com


Bedlam Tree

I love the lights on the tree in front of Bedlam. The city gives you until the end of March to remove the lights, so they will be going soon, sadly. In the meantime, more light = less crackheads ;)


Well, we found the meaning of happiness

Laura, Karianne and I were waiting on the corner of Pike & Summit, for Marissa. Karianne spotted this sign, defining happiness. So, next time you are sad, you know where to go.


Carlos Condit at Skybox!

My client Skybox Sports Lounge held a meet and greet for UFC fans, which included appearances by a few fighters (The Korean Zombie, Carlos Condit) and other UFC people like Dan Miragliotta, and Stitch.

As a girl who knows nothing about UFC, it was fun for me to talk to fans, the fighters, their agents and learn how UFC is a huge, complicated and popular sport.

Here is a pic of Carlos. Not only is he easy on the eyes, he was really nice, personable and polite, too!



It was a bit warm(er) and April and I decided a five mile uphill walk would do us well. We crossed through Seattle Center and there was a little girl playing in the fountain. It was super cute and I had to take a pic ;)

P.S... April has an awesome blog, Shoe Lusting. Please visit it!


Drink Specials at The Belltown Pub!

Another day where I failed to take non-work or food pics. Belltown Pub has awesome specials during March Madness. Hit them up!



Belltowners have little faith that the police will actually respond to a 911 call regarding gang or drug activity. I know, we get it, crack sales are lower on the list than many other issues but it's a huge problem. This pic was taken around 3:30am, just after a huge group of about 20 or so people were receiving their daily morning delivery of drugs to sell, from the big guy.

Yeah, I know too much about this... and really, just wish the dealers would be quieter and not disturb my sleep.


Hate days when I only take one pic

This is the pile of clothes/things/shoes/jewelry/whatever that came from my closet/drawers/etc. Anyway, it's all going the way of Ebay or Goodwill shortly.

Thanks April for helping me clear out my clothes!


View From The Top

My friend Greg is working on a documentary about the sport of tower (stair) climbing. I went to help him while he was filming and as a bonus, we were able to see this amazing view!

Also, if you're curious about tower running, check out this trailer for his documentary!



Yes, I tried to get a pic of super moon, but the lights of Belltown kind of made it impossible. But yes, it was pretty super.


Oh no...

I was afraid I forgot to take a pic today, but never fear, I did... except... it's of my legs right before a full leg sugar hair removal session from Stylus.


St. Pat's Day at Belltown Pub

The gang went out to the Belltown Pub to drink some beers, play some game and wear a bunch of green stuff.



Ah it's that time of year again, where we all pick teams based upon... well, based upon random magic, usually.

And here I am at Skybox, about to fill out my bracket. We'll see?


Tue Night Pub Crawl

Kushi was the last stop of our spontaneous pubcrawl. Marissa's brother and his GF were visiting, we had to show them a good time. But, apparently, according to the other pics taken before this shot, we, um, shot some tequila.

Por que es la naranja en mi bolsa?!?


Forgot pics, again.

So, I'm bad at taking a pic everyday sometimes. I was trying to get a photo of the rain against my bedroom window, but think I may have failed. I was out and about today, too, but didn't take any pics.


What does it mean?

All of my pics from today were food pics, except this one. This is a pic of Marissa's medallion on her necklace, which was inherited from her grandma. She has no clue what it means, can anyone translate? (Does this feel like Spaceballs?)


St. Patty's Day - A bit early

I ran into Brandon & Laura at BTP, and they were doing some St. Patty's Day Day Drinking. Well, I couldn't pass this up. I went home, got all St. Pat's Day ready and we hit the bars - hard.

This was from Owl 'N Thistle, which was a few stops in. And yes, our night ended at Cowgirls, err, wait, not ended, but it was a stop.


Space Needle Marriage Proposal

I happened to be on my balcony watering my almost dead plants when I saw a plane fly by with a banner attached. It circled the Space Needle a few times, for what I only could assume was a Space Needle marriage proposal.

I know it's impossible to read, but it said - Kristine, I <3 u. Will you marry me. Alfred.


I need to take more pics

OK, so, I totally take my view for granted. I love living near the Space Needle, and love my view. But seriously, this was the only pic I took today. Oy.


Joshua Radin

So, there are very few musicians that I love, I mean LOVE and Joshua Radin is one of them. As soon as I saw that tickets were on sale, I immediately jumped on that. I throughly enjoyed the show and am still trying to figure out a way to get him to play a private show for me. Stay tuned for that.

And thanks April for coming with me! #Pantydropper

And here are my fav tweets from the evening. Tweet & Tweet.


Alexi Murdoch!

Kristy messaged me that the Alexi show was sold out, and asked if I had a hook up. Well, I've been known to pull strings and was able to hook us up on the guest list for the show at the Tractor. And that's how Kristy and I were able to spend an evening with Alexi.



April and I did a quick walk/jog through the Sculpture Park and she photo bombed my photo, with her hand.



Bedlam Coffee held a Battleship Tournament today, and there was a pretty good turn out. It went bracket style and, well, I did not win a game. Though, I lost to Pat by 1.

Here is a pic of the organizers!


Pure Awesome

It was hard to find a picture today because I took so many amazing pictures and did so much today (including a trip to the Eastside - yikes!)

But I found this picture to be the most random. I was sitting outside of Bedlam, waiting for Will and April to pick me up when I noticed a scooter "gang" passing and some stopping to talk to this guy. Make sure you click on the pic to get a close up of his awesomeness.


North Mississippi All Stars

I went to The Croc with Jonathan for the NMAS show. It's been awhile since I've seen them, but seriously, they played the longest set ever... from like 9pm-1am!


Forgot to take a photo...

Another one of those days where I forgot to take a photo, good thing I religiously photograph my food!

Papaya salad from Long!



Today was a weird weather day. Heavy winds, sideways rain, dark sky, hail, sunshine and rainbows. Here is a shot from my balcony, just as the sky was clearing. Ahh, Seattle in March.



It was cold and rainy today, but April and I looked at new apartments for her and Mr. F. I forgot to take pics, but you know, I've always got the food pic.

This is a 1/2 sandwich and shrimp chowder from Michou at Pike Place.