This is what happens when your phone dies

You find out the only picture you took that day was of spicy garlic chicken from Kushi, without the flash.


French Press

April and I went to Local 360 for lunch, after we took a super long walk along the waterfront and through Queen Anne.



I love Stylus so much. Today I did a cut, color and Featherlocks extensions, yes literally feather hair extensions. Here is a pic of me getting prepped for the extension.



New Day NW

This is a picture of Chef Kate from Pintxo with the producer from New Day Northwest, a local talk show on King 5. Pintxo had a demo cooking segment this morning and I went along to, you know, do my job.


Accidental Photo

I love when I accidentally take photos with my phone. I love it even more when they are of something other than the inside of my purse. I was waiting for Karianne last night outside of Mama's (it was after closing time, so the door was locked) and watching the street people do their drug dance (you can see some of them in the background.)

Anyway, when looking through photos to post, I found this one! In the foreground, the Virgin Mary statue, background is our famous Belltown cross street, 2nd and Bell.


Crows Nest


I was walking down 2nd Ave, at Wall Street, and noticed this lonely birds nest in the tree. We have crazy crows downtown, but this nest kind of reminded me of spring and excited me for the changing season, even though it's about three months away.


Michigan Friends!

My friend Stephanie was in town for the Twilight conference (yes, I didn't know there was such a thing either) and called me to meet up and say hello. Steph and I are old friends, we met over ten years ago while working for the same retail store at Twelve Oaks Mall. She and I also attended the first Bonnaroo together, which ultimately made a huge impact on the rest of my life.

This is a pic of us at Bedlam, in Belltown. I love when old friends visit and loved seeing Stephanie today!


Popping Bottles

Mr. F called Jonathan and me and told us to get our butts to Pesos in Queen Anne. When we arrived, he was gone! We decided to have a drink and met Alex. She was pretty awesome and was dressed in a "Papa Don't Preach" outfit, as she dresses as a theme when going out. But, she showed us her purse and look what she had hidden!

Also, random... I ran into Michael & Eric at Pesos, two people I had met earlier that night at Black Bottle, as they are a friend and brother in law to Judson.


Happy Birthday, Mr. F!

It's Mr. F's official birthday, and we're out celebrating! Marissa & Chris showed up in their PJs, even! This was taken at the Upstairs, and obviously, we are having a good time ;)


Birthday Boy

I took a lot of pictures last night but this one was my favorite by far. You have birthday boy, Feleke (aka, Mr. F), and Will (aka, Toe.) We were celebrating Feleke's birthday at Kushi last night, and celebrating hard, as you can tell from this pic.


Why settle for a pitcher?

I went with Jesse to visit Kyle, who tends to the bar at Skybox Sports in Queen Anne. Um, they have personal kegs!! Not only do you look ridiculous and hardcore drinking from your own keg, but it's nice to refill your own beers and the ice keeps it chilled. It's not really that expensive either, I think it was $34ish for 2 pitchers of Hef.

This brings me back to the days of O'Tooles in Novi, MI (and other locations they have) where we would always order one of these for the table.


Mounted Patrol

I love seeing the Mounted Police unit patrol Belltown. I especially like the cape on the uniform, it reminds me of old b & w pictures I used to see of Detroit in the 1920's.

I think the Mounted Units are great for the neighborhood because they encourage conversation between officers and residents, plus petting horses is fun! They are in jeopardy of losing funding, however. Here is how to help: http://saveourhorses.net/


Geekiest Shower Curtain Ever.

This was taken late night, but technically today since it was after midnight ;)

I had to walk Will home, as he had a bit too much to drink and I was not letting him walk home alone. After I peeled him off his couch, threw him in his bed, took his shoes off it was time for me to relieve my bladder, as I also had a lot of tasty beverages.

Well, as I was peeing, I saw this little curtain of irony. As I snapped a picture of Will's shower curtain, I chuckled. It makes total sense that Will has this shower curtain, as he is a very geeky (but super fun) MSFT geek.

Though, I must say I take solace in knowing that if Will ever has an issue sharing his feelings, he can always consult with his trusty shower curtain.


Match Game!!

I went to Match Game at the Rendezvous with Feleke and Will, after Feleke made us a wonderful dinner!

If you have not been to Match Game yet, you need to check it out, as it is a super fun time!


Will and I hit The Back Bar at The Croc for some late night pizza. You can add all the toppings you want and they are like $6.50 each. This was, um, our second one. Notice the 1/2 cheese, Will and his lactose intolerance. He won't eat cheese, unlike me who eats it and suffers.



At the corner of 2nd Avenue and Bell, in Belltown; I was just walking home, minding my own business and bam... Superheroes!

If you live in Seattle, you have probably heard about Phoenix Jones and the Rain City Superheroes, if not check out these articles:

Real-Life Superhero Gets Nose Broken
Seattle Superhero 'Phoenix Jones' Patrols Streets, Fights Crime

You can also find Phoenix Jones on Facebook, and drop him a line.

There is a lot of controversy and talk about whether superheroes are a bad idea or not. The broken nose and gun incident happened in Belltown, where we have crack zombies, drug dealers and hookers doing their business out in the open. Apparently, we do not have enough police to do accurate patrolling and the way I look at it, the more "good people" on the street the better. Though groups like Belltown Citizens on Patrol and People's Belltown Republic might be better, safer ideas.

Oh, and this is like the worst pic of me ever ;)


One last drink

I was out with my friend Jonathan, pretty randomly, and one glass of wine led to another to another. This was our last glass of wine at List, which BTW has an amazing happy hour.

Oh, side note, my daily pic was almost hoochie suburb girls walking the streets of Belltown, but it was too dark and the pic didn't turn out. Sadface :(


Tales from the #358

So, I forgot to take a picture today... but then remembered, I did take pic of this guy!!

I was riding the bus today, the 358 to be exact (for those of you that know that route, this story should NOT surprise you.) Well, after the bus was boarded by Transit Sherriff and a very drunk man was removed, we were on our merry way toward the downtown stops. Then, this guy tried to talk to me, then I moved, and he moved and kept talking to me. I'm sure he was a nice guy but it's a bit weird when someone follows you from seat to seat.


Cold Weather Flying

Tonight I went to Emerald City Trapeze with my friend Christina. We had such an amazing time and swinging on the trapeze is such an exhilarating feeling.

I snapped this picture on my way back to the Sodo Link Station; what is up with all the snow in Seattle?

Old friends in new places

My friend Katie randomly called me today because she was in Seattle for work. We met at Michigan State University, in a tomato patch in the backyard of a house, next door to the house in which we were partying. We were drunky, hungry and decided to steal some tomatoes to eat. I remember that night, Katie said to me that we'd be forever friends. I also remember the tomatoes were yummy.

Anyway, skip ahead 9 years, and here she is in Seattle for work with her friend Lauren.


Where are my pants?

April and I are in SeaTac baggage claim, looking at incoming flights and hoping to find our pants circling on the carousel.

In all seriousness, we are not wearing pants because we rode Link to the airport as part of the No Pants Subway Ride. It was a ton of fun and I am glad my friends are awesome.

*I am obviously pointing to the flight from Detroit. Obviously.


3XL??? Sexy.

Originally, I had it in my head that a picture of a crazy Jesus loving dude on Pine Street was going to be my pic of the day, until I went through my pictures... This picture of April won, hands down.

We were at Macy's looking for non-revlealing panties for the No Pants Light Rail Ride tomorrow. Macy's had bins, and bins, of panties on sale for $2.99. April pulled out this lovely pair.


Without Waves

I stopped by Bedlam Coffee for a few minutes to check out their special guest, Kent Guzey. He was spinning a set at the eclectic Belltown coffee shop.

You can see Charlie, kind of ;)

Also, one of these days I promise to post a pic that was taken more then 3 blocks from my apartment... ahh, the life of a Belltowner, where everything is within 3 blocks.



I popped into Under The Needle today with Karianne. While she was flipping through portfolios, I snapped this quick shot.

Turns out that this municipal code was from 1907 and it basically said if you had an contagious disease, you could be arrested and quarantined. From what I have read, they claim it was to stop spreading The Plague, but even such diseases as gonorrhea were included. Seems there were many sections to this municipal, including rules about housing, closing public places, flooding your floors and random public health acts.

The consequence for violating? $100 fine or up to 30 days in jail.


Family Style

It was very hard to pick a picture of the day today, mostly because I had an amazing picture of Mr. F after a few too many glasses of Scotch. But, April's amazing dinner party was a very good second choice. No, seriously, amazing dinner.


Long Drop Down

I tried to take a picture from my balcony of my Christmas lights hanging on the balcony. I only half succeeded. I am afraid of heights and leaning anything more than my left arm (I'm right handed) off the balcony was not going to happen.



Ice on 2nd Ave that has been there since Friday. It is that chilly in Belltown.


Winning Streak

Watching the Detroit Lions stomp the Minnesota Vikings, in the comfort of my own living room in Seattle. I heart technology.