Police on 2nd

A few drunky neighboorhoodies got frustrated with the crackheads and started screaming for them to "Get out of our neighborhood!" and "Stop ruining our neighborhood!" Well, it escalated, and police had to break it up. 




This crying pregnant prom queen knows how to party.

Freezing at Work

Just got an email that our A/C is stuck on overdrive. I'm trying to stay warm with a hoodie and fingerless gloves. In October.



Uuugghh, this is the only picture I took today. Work goals. 


Meet Our Dear Meat Deer!

No party is complete without your meat deer. Our meat deer was very dear to us, and very tasty, too!

Bonus, video:



City Skyline

Walking to work, crossing 4th Ave and I get a nice view of the skyline from the south. And apparently, this was my picture today. 


Scum of the Earth

April and Chris went with me to my co-workers play, OK.luv, in the U District. Before the show we walked to a bar down the street for a shot and a beer. On the way, we found this Scum of the Earth sign. April and Chris did not approve.


Seattle Quilt Mfg. Co.

Sometimes I use the 1st and Jackson bus stop on my way home from work. Today the sun was hitting the Seattle Quilt building just right, where it looked like it was glowing.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The Hi-Life in Ballard has a Sunday family style fried chicken dinner every week. A big group of us went to check it out and it was pretty good. We all left so stuffed, with left-overs. Also, I don't eat fried chicken skin, so my dining partners seemed to get pretty excited by that.


Oyster Shooters

My friend Chris and I went to Elliott's for oysters before his show and loaded up on oysters. Delicious.


Seattle Sky

Space Needle sky. I know you have seen this view a million times before, but the sky is so pretty. I shot this right before heading to Ballard to meet G. 


How I Watch My Detroit Tigers

This is how I watch the Tigers when I am at work in Seattle. When games start early in Detroit, they are really early in Seattle. And, thank you Justin Verlander... now we're only down by one game. 


Chris Checking In

Belltown Pub had a Google Places event tonight. Chris is practicing checking in on Google Latitude, or maybe actually doing it, who knows. Also, I walked out on my tab tonight - worse, I was completely sober. 


Southern Sky

I was walking across 4th Ave S towards work, and saw the sky. I loved the crazy cloud formation. 


Ski-ball Champ

The Rabbit Hole has ski-ball, and I'm pretty good at it. I always shoot for the 50, rather than go for the 100, which means I consistently hit 30s and 40s. I played with a new friend today that I met at a Lions meetup and he's from the West side of Michigan, random.  


Alley Needles

Gus and I went to brunch and then shopping. On our way out of my apartment building (through the alley entrance) we found this fun gem. Luckily we have CleanScapes, and I did call them, but it may have taken a little while for them to come get it because upon returning, it was still there. If only we had a MID or BID in Belltown... 


Free Protein

Uwajimaya is very close to my work, so I often run there to grab a bite on days where I did not bring lunch. They have fresh salads, and I mean really fresh salads. I got to the bottom of my salad and then found a new friend. He was still alive and scurrying around. I know eating a bug won't really hurt you, but I cannot bring myself to get a salad from there ever again.


First Time at Five Guys

Everyone raves about Five Guys, but I was not that impressed. I went to the one in Northgate, and it was just, eh. 

It did remind me of this place back home, Bates. They were the BEST hangover cure. I do sometimes miss Bates' Burgers, and their grilled cheese, too. I'd love a franchise out here in Seattle, but I am guessing that's wishful thinking. 


Franchise Dessert

April and I were downtown, shopping, running errands, etc, and we wanted to grab some food. I am not sure how we ended up at P.F. Chang's, but it was a franchise restaurant type of day. We sat at the bar and had a good time talking to the bartenders, too.

So, this is the dessert we shared, and I have to say, it was pretty decent.


Hola Jose!

I was riding the bus to work, I looked to my right and saw Jose. He actually saw me, too. We so live in this micro-world. 


Free Beer

Considering the normal signs we receive in the elevator, this was a nice refresher. You can read more about it here


Super Ballet

Apparently, the only way to do Vegas is to do it "Super Ballet."

Also, I HATE that Android doesn't allow for screen shots unless you root. 


Post Tequila Shots

Our group was out celebrating Brandon's birthday. Shots were had at Kushi. Tequila, of course.