Pool Plus Oberon Equals Perfect Summer Day

It was like 93 degrees today. We had a BBQ and the pool temp was 89, as crazy as that sounds. I enjoyed a few bottles of Oberon, poolside.


Why hello, DTW!

I have arrived in Detroit for a much needed vaca. Sun & Pool is the plan this week. (Also, no sleeping on the red eye, ggrrr.)



I went to attempt to get a WA license today. I lost my MI one in Feb and have been putting it off. I had a copy of it and it is current, so when I called they said I could come and get a new one. What they failed to mention on the phone was - I could get a new one if I scheduled a test.

But not all was lost... Judson saw me check in and he was on his way there anyway. I pulled a number for him while I was waiting. He only had to wait about 5 minutes and he had his new license and then I got to hang out with him for a bit, too!



I am sure there was some organized regatta or something going on in the Bay... but I'm not sure what it was. In any event, it looked really cool from the roof.


Paella Family Style

Another family dinner on the roof. Chris made paella and it was absolutely delicious. Oh, he also shucked oysters purchased from the new Taylor Shellfish location in Cap Hill.


View from Smith Tower

I love Smith Tower. Mark and I went up to the observation deck and enjoyed views of the city, but also the architecture and design of such a beautiful building.

For some reason, this building reminds me of Detroit.

I also got very good news while I was at the top.



I had to go to the Eastside, and the bus stop has this weird fish "art."


Richie Aldente Made Me Dinner

I went over to Richie Aldente's place for dinner, drinks and talks. Richie, Durito and Dick made an amazing dinner.

If you have not downloaded the album, seriously, do it. It's like crack to your ears.


Sunset from the Ferry

The crew went on a road trip today, to meet Will at the end of the Ragnar race. We ended up on some fairgrounds in Whidbey Island, that I am pretty sure was some weird rabbit farm. We drank $1 beers, chased rabbits, were given a case of bananas, and rode ferries. It was a lot of fun.


Chase Protest

Who doesn't love a good protest? They are mad at Chase, who knows why, but does anyone really like their bank?


Seriously, Summer?

G said he would not need a hoody on the roof, but I brought one anyway. After like 3 minutes, he wore it. It's totally too small for him and it says Detroit! Later, it was so cold, he was wearing his winter jacket. And this is summer in Seattle.


Laura and I went to this Media Bistro gamer event (read: free drinks) at the W. It was 90 percent men. But... you know what I say... The odds are good but the goods are odd.


Sips & Tapas

Pintxo hosted a sips and tapas wine event tonight, featuring Spanish wines paired with tapas from the restaurant.


Dinner at April's

I had a less than stellar day. April, being the amazing friend that she is, told me to come over and she'd make dinner. After that, we painted, which was very relaxing and a great outlet.


Tom Douglas Alley @ Bite of Seattle

The Tom Douglas Alley is just $10 and lets you sample items from different restaurants including Belltown Pub, Andaluca, Dahlia Lounge, Pinka Bella and more. I love Bite of Seattle.



Daisies are my favorite flower. When I was a kid they used to grow in my backyard (and front yard) almost as weeds. I loved cutting them and I'd even bring them to my teacher.

This pic is from the Belltown P-Patch, a community garden here in the neighborhood.


Tacos del Dia!

My phone died today, and I forgot to throw my charger in my bag before heading out. I met my friend Valentina (by the way, if you ever need to hire a photographer, she is amazing!) for happy hour at Little Water Cantina and ordered the Tacos of the day! Delicious!


I went to lunch with my friend Chris, who also happens to be my neighbor. We hung out at his place after lunch for a minute and sat on the balcony. Between messing with crackheads, we noticed how cool the clouds looked over the sound today.


2nd Ave Mural

The McGuire Building is a hot mess, we already know that. Now some community members are coming together to build a mural on what would otherwise be an empty wall.


Best Gift Ever

My mom was visiting (as you may remember from previous posts) and she wanted to send me a thank you note for my hospitality, which was so not necessary but very much appreciated.

A keg of Bell's Brewery Oberon, my favorite beer ever. You might think, why is this important? Well, you can't get it here, or even close to here. It makes this Detroit girl very, very happy.


Oregon Coast

Today was a random day. April and I hopped in one of my client's cars and took a very random road trip to the Oregon Coast. It is about a four hour drive, each way. Random, I know. It was so fun though.

Summer is, well, late to the game this year. It was a bit chilly on the beach at Cannon Beach, so here we are, in our North Face and Mountain Hardware, like true Pacific Northwest Transplants.

I should say, I did make it into the water though, waste deep!


Naked Bike Riders!

Today was the World Naked Bike Ride 2011, and here are some naked bike riders from the back. Seattle is awesome.



Social Media Monthly Magazine?

Bob Fine, the creator of Social Media Monthly Magazine, stopped by the Belltown Pub to meet some Seattle folks and give away free copies of the mag.

Yes, a printed version of a social media magazine.


Richie Aldente

April and I ventured up to Fremont to see Richie Aldente play at the Nectar. It was such a good show, if you have a chance to see this band - do it!

Bonus: Video!

Also, this happened yesterday...


Black Eye

Well, this is the only pic I took that day, but that is Zak and his black eye (which was a trampoline accident, not a fight.)


Mount Rainier

April and I walked to the new Molly Moon store downtown and walked around the market, where we ran into Mr. F!


Fireworks & Friends

To avoid the babies, families, traffic jams and crowds on Lake Union, we decided to stay home, BBQ on the roof with friends and enjoy the Fireworks from Belltown!

Happy 4th of July!



The view from the rooftop deck at Hardrock Cafe Seattle.

BTW - Check into Foursquare there, the deal is worth it.

And here is the RetroCam version of the pic:


My Old Life

Whenever I walk by, I cannot help but look up and smile and silently be grateful for encouraging me to be the person I am today.

Also, this was the only picture I took today, go figure.



Mr. F took me to breakfast today. He chose one of my favorites, Lola, one of the many Tom Douglas restaurants here in Belltown. Delicious way to start the day.