Can't Wait!

I ran some errands by the market today, including stopping at Showbox to pick up tickets for next week's Joshua Radin show!



Oink Oink!

I was walking by Local360 and saw these wonderful swine specimen, presumably to make the Crispy Pig Ear dish!


Found In My Elevator

My apartment manager is notoriously known for his fun and/or weird elevator notes, always in comic sans. Apparently, my neighbors decided to use his latest note to sell their children.


#snOMG, I mean #noOMG

It started snowing a little bit (not the full on #snOMG the weather was reporting) and it felt very Christmas-ie when looking across the street at Bedlam. The lights, the snow and even the cute yellow bicycle.


Storm Cloud!

Tommy and I ran to Port Townsend for the day and took the Bainbridge Ferry home. Finally, the city skyline came into view, but with a giant storm cloud above it.



I hate days when I forget to take pics. This is the only pic I took, of the hail. I was walking from Skybox to Local 360 and it was not that cold out, but the hail was coming down.


Golden Gardens!

Tommy and I took an epic walk from his house to Golden Gardens, which is about 6.5 miles round trip. It was a bit chilly by the water, but so needed after the crazy weekend we had.


I Needed Veggies

I spent most of the day feeling a bit hungover after April's birthday bash. Jonathan finally got me out of bed with the promise of Dope Burger. Randomly, I felt like getting their salad, and well, it's the only thing I took a pic of that day.


Happy Birthday, April!

I know this is supposed to be a pic a day site, but really, there was no choosing just one picture. As a bonus, here's an animated gif.

animated gif maker


Lake Union

I have an annual pass to the Needle and took the girls up on Friday with the half off tix. Here's a shot of Lake Union from the Needle!


Art Project

I have been working hard making fun decorations for April's birthday party. Here is a preview of the ribbon curtain!


Visiting April @ Work

Eve decided to model a very odd belly dancing bra top that was located at Home Office.



Paint The Town Red

60mph winds, make for 100mph winds in the alleys. 100 mph winds knock down girl carrying paint. Girl drops paint. Hilarity ensues.

Happy Valentine's Day, Belltown.


Raw Meat!

April has some friends in town from Sarasota and apparently that town is lacking in Ethiopian restaurants. They were super excited to come here and eat Ethiopian.

We hit up Habesha in the Denny Triangle and it was yummy, as always. Oh, and I'm addicted to kitfo!


Racing Cabs

We went on a group field trip, to Eastlake. There were 11 of us, so we needed three cabs and our cab was racing April's cab.


Drifting Into Sleep

I am in bed very early tonight, and this is my view... as it is every night.


Pike Place Lunch

I had a Thursday lunch date that had to reschedule and then Ed called me and asked if I wanted to meet him at Pike Place for a quick minute. I did just that. We picked up sandwiches and soup, we sat in the park and enjoyed this beautiful day.


Um, worst pic ever

I apologize for this poor picture. I was trying to figure out if Retro Cam worked, so I took this pic of my fireplace and it happened to be the only one I ended up taking today, as two minutes later my phone crashed and then ADD got the best of me. I love how you can see the spots on my phone's lens, too.

And yes, this was the only pic I took today. Lame.


Morning Walk

April and I went for a morning walk along the waterfront. I freaking love this city, this is the closest place for us to walk, seriously, we don't even have to go out of the way to get here.


Hailing in Belltown

It's hard to tell from this picture, but the sky is dropping crazy amounts of hail. All of a sudden, I heard a weird noise in my fireplace of all places. I got up to investigate just as it started to pick up. I went outside and it was bright, semi warm and yet the hail was coming down so hard.

I also took a video, because I am a dork. Hailing in Belltown


Superbowl with the BTF

Some of the fam spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon sharing beers, tequila shots and watching the Packers vanquish the Steelers (I hate both teams, but anyone over Steelers!)


Brownie Guide

I was visiting my friend Ed today and he picked up this Brownie Girl Scout guide at Good Will for fifty cents. He wanted some of the pics for an art project or something. As I picked it up and started reading it, I was suddenly brought back to my Girl Scout days, the Girl Scout honor and earning badges.

I think the current Brownie guide has been updated (this one was from 1970) but this page made me say, "Wow, just wow."


More from the Del Rey

This pic was taken after Midnight, so technically on the 4th. Will & April, I actually introduced them, at Del Rey. They stayed late with me, and helped close it down. Also, they are cool enough to get in the conga line!


Goodbye Del Rey, you will be missed.

If you know me, you know that Del Rey was my spot. We had a very codependent and messed up relationship, but were always there for each other when needed. Sadly, it was time for the doors to close.

Del Rey went out with a bang and this is a picture of Great White and The Captain, DJing in their underwear. Aww, I will miss the Del Rey.


Red Balloon

April and I had been shopping downtown and as we were walking back, I spotted this red balloon floating in the sky. April made fun of me for taking the shot, but later when Jonathan saw it, he validated my need to the the pic.